Superhero Makeover

Jersey City Personal Training | Superhero Makeover

Imagine you just got hired by Marvel or DC Comics to be their next big screen superhero.

But you look the way you look currently…which isn’t anything like a superhero. (If you’re reading this I’m guessing you don’t look anything like a superhero….but you want to.)

The movie studio has given you only 3 months to get ready for the roll of a leading on screen superhero.

Agghh!! What are you going to do? You’ll never be ready in that short amount of time. Especially without surgery, some ridiculously extreme diet or illegal steroids.

So what do you do?

How do movie stars do this time and time again?

The answer is simple…the Jersey City Personal Training 12-Week Superhero Makeover!

What is the Superhero Makeover?

In a nutshell it’s the hardest and most intense training journey you will ever embark on in your entire natural born life! But it’s also the most rewarding!

Quick Disclaimer: If you are allergic to hard life changing work, STOP READING THIS IMMEDIATELY! Go back to your normal life of being a talker that never takes action!)

The Superhero Makeover is our signature physique focused personal training program designed to take you from Shit-to-Fit in only 3 months.

Jersey City Personal Training | Testimonials

Anthony L.

Jersey City Personal Training Testimonial 1 Anthony
Anthony L.

Sara S.

Sara S. (Well She’s Sara G. now. lol)

Jersey City Personal Training | Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions:

Is it intense? …YES.

Will you be ready to quit? …Probably not. (The common denominator amongst those that signup for this program is perseverance and a No Fail attitude.)

Does everyone look like their ideal self at the end? Yes! (We leave no man or woman behind)

Will I look like a bodybuilder?…Hell No! You can, but unless you’re shooting yourself full of steroids, 3 months just ain’t gonna cut it.

Will You Be Embarrassed of Your Body by the End of the Program? HECK NO! You’ll Be Ready To show Off!!

Sounds really good. How much does it cost?

The full 3-month long personal training program is only $2520. (Don’t worry, you can split the payment into 2 or 3 payments if you want to.)

Ok, I’m In! What type of Time Commitment is required?

You’ll be under our care for 3 days per week for up to an hour each session.

Here’s how that breaks down: 3 days are weight training days and 1 day is a supplemental day for cardio and to bring up any lagging body parts. It’s that simple.

This is our most popular program, with good reason, and as such there is usually a waiting list.


We like to control the energy of the environment and don’t want anyone here that is not an extremely hard worker that’s ready to lay it all on the line to achieve their ideal body. The wrong type of person, one who likes to complain and complain but never do anything about it to change their situation, is not good for this type of environment. For that we have beginner programs that are more gradual and helpful to changing your mindset as well as your body. (Click here to sign up for one of our beginner programs)

For our Superhero Makeover, we only extend membership to the action takers…the DoErs of society. We don’t want any negative vibes infecting the culture that we have worked hard to build.

Here’s What To Do Next

Book an available time on our calendar for a full body assessment. Once we receive it someone will be in contact with you for a phone screening and to confirm your assessment interview.

Upon successful completion of the interview, you will be booked into our calendar and your program will start on an agreed upon date.

Prepare to be turned into the star of Marvel’s next Superhero movie.

To get started just book a 15-minute Discovery Call with me: