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Stressed out about the thought of arm flab ruining your look in that gorgeous gown? You have come to the right place! Help is just minutes away!

From: Michael-Christopher, Founder & Owner of JCPT and the Bridal BootcampHQ

RE: Getting in Amazing Shape for Your Wedding

Dear Bride to Be,
Your big day is just around the corner. You want to look stunning in your gown when those doors swing open and your loving groom is waiting for you at the end of the aisle. But you are also pretty stressed out, right?

I mean, come on: Itʼs your wedding day and you wont to look better than you have ever looked...EVER!!!

Listen, the reason I can picture how you feel right now is because Iʼve listened to hundreds of brides in your exact situation. The problem is simple: Youʼve tried tons of diets and workout plans in the past, and none of them really worked. And this time, you canʼt afford to try something that turns out not to work because your wedding day is a once-in-a- lifetime event, not a dress rehearsal. You only get one chance, and you are determined to make the most of that chance!

So Whatʼs the Solution?

In September 2011, I launched my immensely popular Bridal Boot Camp — the most successful BootCamp for brides in the country. I sit down and listened to countless brides tell me their stories of how desperately they want to lose those last 10, 20, 40 pounds or more... and how they have to do it fast.

I can tell you this with absolute confidence: I know what it takes to help you get the body you want. I can show you the secret to looking the way you want in your fabulous wedding dress — AND how to do it in a way that is low-stress, simple, and fun — seriously, itʼs fun! And it only takes 3 hours a week.

Donʼt you want amazing arms, hot honeymoon abs and a tight butt? Donʼt you want to feel more confident than ever? Come on, we all know thereʼs nothing more beautiful or sexy than confidence... a bride who is glowing, radiant and absolutely beaming with pride and confidence. That beautiful bride you are dreaming about right now? That dream bride CAN be YOU! I hope to get the chance to turn you into your dream self in time for your big day! 🙂

– Michael-Christopher

Are You Frustrated With The Following?

Flabby Arms, Jiggly Thighs & Back Fat (CHICHOS!!)

Knowing your wedding is coming but not knowing where to begin with losing weight and getting in shape

Trying to appease everyone's wishes and forgetting that this is actually YOUR wedding

Juggling work and planning your wedding (so your energy is zapped)

Feeling secretly down when you go for your wedding dress fittings?

Meat Market Gyms that make you feel uncomfortable

Trying to make sense out of all the random Social Media workout programs

Our Bridal Bootcamp is Perfect for:

Any bride, any age, any fitness level. The Bridal Bootcamp system will work for you.

The bride who wants to lose 15-40 pounds or more and wants a safe proven way to do it fast!

The out of shape beginner that sits behind a desk all day for work.

The frantic bride-to-be that feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done!

The yoga devotee that realizes yoga is great but it "just ain't gonna cut it" for building tight toned arms to show off in your wedding dress

The bride-to-be that wants to look and feel good not only for her wedding day but for many years to come.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

I wanted to show off some really toned arms in my strapless wedding dress. 12-Weeks was all it took and all of my guests were in awe at the transformation that I made.

Sara S.


My ex-girlfriend got with a guy that was way more fit than i was. It was hurtful but i used it as motivation to get my physique on point. I think they call it revenge body, lol. I wanted to look like a lean machine. I wanted a six pack. I discovered the 12-Week Transformation program and it was exactly what i wanted. Im so happy with the results. I actually got my six pack in a little less than 12 weeks.  


Hospitality Manager

I wanted my arms to be absolutely ripped for my wedding. Bridal Bootcamp was the answer. I complained a lot and the training is intense, but it's targeted for brides so how could i lose. They got the job done as promised and my guests couldn't stop raving about how good i looked!

Sarah A.

Product Manager

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