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Someone Asked How We Would Describe this Program.
Here's Our Answer.....

Imagine you just got hired by Marvel or DC Comics to play the lead superhero in their next movie. (With me so far? Good.)

But, you look the way you look currently...which isn't anything like a superhero. (If you're reading this I'm assuming you don't look anything like a superhero currently, but you secretly want to.)

The movie studio has given you 3-months, aka 12-Weeks, to get ready for the roll of a leading big screen superhero.

AGGHHHH!!!!!! This presents a dilemma. 

There's a million ways to get fit. Some work, most don't. Should you try this? Should you try that? Should you take group classes at this studio 3 days a week and then do Pilates for 1 day each week? Should i sign up for Crossfit? Oh wait, you don't want to be affiliated with such a racist and sexist organization. (The moral dilemma, we get it.) Maybe you can do yoga, or HIIT classes, or this or that or that and this. SO MUCH CONFUSION!

You'll never be ready in that short amount of time. You need something that's almost guaranteed for this specific situation. You need to go from Shit2Fit in 12-Weeks so you can move on with your life. 

So What Do You Do?

How do movie stars and driven New Yorkers alike do this time and time again?

The answer is simple...the JCPT 12-Week Transformation Program!

What is the 12-Week Transformation Program?

Ina nutshell it's the hardest and most intense training journey you'll ever embark on in your entire adult life. But, it's also the most rewarding!

Quick Disclaimer: If you are allergic to hard life changing work, STOP READING THIS IMMEDIATELY! Go back to your normal life of doing endless group classes and training here and there with random trainers. This is not for you! If you're fine with hard work then please continue reading...

The 12-Week Transformation Program is our signature, physique focused, personal training program designed to take you from Shit2Fit in only 12-Weeks. 


Is it intense? ...YES!

Will i be ready to quit? ...Probably not. (A common denominator amongst those that signup for this program is perseverance and a No Fail attitude.)

Does everyone look like their ideal self at the end of the program? Those that follow the program to the letter and don't cut any corners, YES! (If you want to cut corners I wouldn't sign up for this program. Maybe go to a group fitness class where you can hide in the back and half ass everything.)

Will I look like a bodybuilder? ...Hell No! We focus on sexy not freaky. I mean, you can but unless you're ready to start shooting needles into your right ass cheek everyday, 3 months just ain't gonna cut it.

Sounds like exactly what i've been searching for. How much does it cost? The full 12-Week Transformation program is only $5400. (Don't worry, you can split the payment into 2 or 3 payments if you want to.)

Ok, Sign Me Up! What type of time commitment is required? You'll be under our care for a mandatory 3 days per week, up to an hour each session. (The same 3 days each week. This isn't a use a session when you feel like it type of program.)

Just a heads up: This is our most popular program, with good reason, and as such spots fill  up quickly. 


We like to control the energy of our environment and don't want anyone here that is not an extremely hard worker, ready to lay it all on the line to achieve their ideal physique. One who likes to complain and complain and complain but never put forth a full effort is not good for this type of program. For that we have beginner programs that are more gradual and helpful to changing your mindset as well as your body.

For our 12-Week Transformation program we only extend membership to the action taker...the Doers of society. We don't want any negative vibes infecting the culture that we have worked hard to build. 

Here's what to do next...

If you're pumped and ready to start then simply click the button below and you'll be taken to a payment page. Once there you can select a payment structure that works best for you. From there we'll email you to get you setup with your weekly schedule.

If you still have questions feel free to shoot us an email: 

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Below is a rough outline of how our program breaks down. 

Month 1

Building the Foundation 

From day one we're throwing you straight into the deep end of the pool. Here you will build a very functional and strong foundation upon which months two and three are based.

Month 2

Sprinkle in Some Targeted Conditioning

Pretty physiques require "a lot." If you know someone that's been through our program they'll know what we mean by "a lot." Pretty soon you'll know too šŸ˜‰

Month 3

Chisel Chisel Chisel

Finally we pull out our chisel and show off what you've been constructing.


The Secret Sauce

What do i eat? What do I not eat? South Beach? Keto? Atkins? Paleo? Don't worry, we got you covered. We'll tell you exactly, what to eat and when to eat it based on your lifestyle.

Here's What Your Fit Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Our 12-Week Transformation Program is a complete program from start to finish. The idea is not to keep stringing you along forever. We have longterm training programs for those that prefer working solely with a goal oriented personal trainer. The goal of our 12-Week Program is to get you in amazing shape in 12-Weeks or less, PERIOD!

I wanted to show off some really toned arms in my strapless wedding dress. 12-Weeks was all it took and all of my guests were in awe at the transformation that I made.

Sara S.


My ex-girlfriend got with a guy that was way more fit than i was. It was hurtful but i used it as motivation to get my physique on point. I think they call it revenge body, lol. I wanted to look like a lean machine. I wanted a six pack. I discovered the 12-Week Transformation program and it was exactly what i wanted. Im so happy with the results. I actually got my six pack in a little less than 12 weeks.  


Hospitality Manager

I was getting out of a very bad relationship and was a workaholic. I focused on everyone else but myself and that had to change. I had to make mental changes as well as physical. The mental takes time but the physical only took 12-Weeks. Haha. the 12-Week Transformation was brutal but the shit works. I'm a work in progress but I couldn't be happier with my new physique. I still continue to train here to maintain my gains. I love this program.

Nick P.


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