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That's what Jersey City Personal Training does...We take you from Shit-to-Fit in only 12-Weeks. It's our specialty! Jersey City's Top Rated Personal Training Experience.

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Jersey City Personal Training does not sell packages or sessions to be used here and there, or any other ridiculousness that doesn't get you any closer to your performance and aesthetics goals. 

Our goal is to transform you in 12-Weeks not sell you a bunch of sessions and keep stringing you along. You want to look like a million bucks, perform like an athlete and be the envy of your friends. We get it.  12-Weeks is all you need. 

Shit-2-Fit in 12-Weeks

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Bridal Bootcamp

The Ultimate Bridal Transformation!

You want Michelle Obama arms and a beautiful toned presence that leaves everyone in awe as you walk down the aisle. 

We're the wedding experts. We have the answer you've been looking for. 12-Weeks and your dream wedding body will be a reality.

Movie Star Makeover

Our Signature Program! 

Some people call it "Revenge Body"...some people say they want to look like the star of Marvel's next superhero movie. We understand exactly what you want. 

Your transformation will only take 12-Weeks!


What our clients say about us...

My ex-girlfriend got with a guy that was way more fit then I was. It was hurtful but i used it as motivation to get my physique on point. I think they call it revenge body, lol. I wanted to look like a lean machine. I wanted a six pack. I discovered the 12-Week Transformation program and it was exactly what I wanted. I'm so happy with the results. It actually got my six pack in a little less than 12-weeks.


Hospitality Manager

I wanted to show off some really toned arms in my strapless wedding dress. 12-Weeks was all it took and all of my guests were in awe at the transformation that I made. 

Sara S.


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